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LED Lighting for Residential and Commercial use

LED Lights & Fittings Online

Envirowatt is a convenient online LED lighting shop that specialises in LED lights and fittings for homes, offices and shops across South Africa. We have partnered with some of the best names in the industry to deliver you best-in-industry when it comes to quality and price.

Our extensive product range include:

  • Residential LED: bulbs, lamps, down lights and ceiling lights.
  • Commercial LED: modules, hi bays, floodlights and strips.
  • Industrial LED: floodlights, bulbs, lamps, tubes, strips.
  • Automotive LED: fog lamps, brake lights, tail lights, spotlights.
  • Outdoor LED: floodlights, torches and headlamps.

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We have partnered with the best. Our excellent relationships allow us to offer our clientele the best-in-industry quality at the best-in-industry prices.

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LED lights receive an excellent (65-95) CRI rating!
Colour Rendering Index is the rating at which a light can faithfully reveal colours in the dark, compared to natural light.